This controller uses a powder clutch/brake to control the winding/unwinding tension of paper or wire by varying the excitation current. By directly attaching a touch roller near the external surface of the material roll, we can automatically determine diameter variation. The excitation current is increased/decreased according to this variation, automatically maintaining constant tension in the material.


Type PCT-110
Method Winding diameter proportional control by angle detection of roll diameter surface
Application Unwinding/winding
Power source AC100/110V 50/60Hz
Output signal DC0-10V (Load more than 10kΩ)
Structure Steel plate, wall mounting, protective enclosure
Operating temperature 0-40°C (Storage temperature -10-50°C)
Weight 1.5kg
Paint color Munsell 5Y7/1
Applied amp PS-6.0A
Applied sensor 'SEP-11
Compatible clutch/brake All POC/POB/PRB type
(Depending to amplifier)