The FMP is a contactless controller used for C&B motors and small capacity clutches/brakes. The contactless power transistor circuit used for clutch/break switching is very reliable and the discharge circuit uses a capacitor technique to improve the cut off characteristics, improving precision and high frequency control.
•With the adoption of a timing circuit, the interference between the clutch and the brake is eliminated and we obtain stable, efficient operation.
•The equipment is very compact due to control circuit integration and assembly of all parts (except the transformer) on printed circuit board.
•Simply connect the AC input, clutch/break and external signal and you are ready to operate.


Input voltage AC V 100/110·200/220
Fuse capacity A 1
Output voltage DC V 24
Capacity W 10
Rating Continuous
Adjustment(Volume variable) Time lag(ms) 0-45(20 at shipping)
Circuit direction IC contactless circuit
Structure Steel plate, wall mounting, protective type
Weight kg 1.5
Painting color Munsell 7.5BG6/1.5
Main applicable electromagnetic clutch/.brake C&B pack,MP4-5,BO/BB2-5