This controller detects the material tension using load detectors arranged at the both ends of the roll, controlling the powder clutch/brake and AC motor's torque by making the set tension and the detected tension equal.
This technique yields the highest precision compared to our other tension control methods, maintaining exactly the tension you specified. It also features microcomputer control, with a ten key input method and an intuitive interface, making for a truly multi- function tension control system.


Type PCF-120A
Input voltage AC100/110V又は200/220V switch
Output voltage DC0-24V 0-6A PWM output
DC0-10V Analog voltage switch
Capacitance 144W
Tension setting 0-99.9(kg),0-999(kg)
External tension setting DC0-10V (8bit)
Load detection input voltage DC0-0.5V/rated load
Sequence signal input Start, stop, speed reduction gain, manual, storage, roll switch
Sequence signal output Zero tension
External tension output DC0-10V
Monitor display Tension display 0-99.9(kg),0-999(kg)
Output voltage 0-99%
Monitor setting content, normally tension setting
DATA INPUT Lighting during data input
BALANCE Lighting by the abnormal tension
Data setting items ・ZERO zero adjustment
・LEFT SPAN Set load of left loading detector
・RIGHT SPAN Set load of right loading detector
・START V Automatic operation start voltage
・START T Occurrence time of automatic operation start voltage
・STOP V Automatic operation stop voltage
・STOP T Occurrence tile of automatic operation stop voltage
・RESET V Created voltage at the stop
・TENSION Automatic tension value
・TIME Response speed
・GAIN Response range
・DEC G Response range during line speed reduction
・TAPER Taper ration
Protect function Over current trip
Operating temperature 0-40°C
Storage temperature -10-50°C
Humidity 10-85%RH, without condensation
Atmosphere No corrosion gas, dust (inner room specification)
Vibration Less than 0.5G
Altitude Less than 1000m
Structure Steel plate, floor, protective type
Weight About 4.2kg
Paint color Panel P2-1007
Case 5Y8/0.5
Compatible model Larger model than:
Powder clutch/brake
Hysteresis clutch/brake
AC servo motor