The EMP controller is a contactless controller used for electromagnetic clutches/brakes. It uses a 2x over-excitation method and a time lag circuit to achieve very stable operation even when high frequency and high precision is required. Additionally, it uses a fully contactless technique circuit configuration utilizing power transformers, yielding high performance and long operating life.


Input voltage AC V 100/110,200/220
Fuse capacity A 2 5
Output voltage DC V 24 24
Capacity(Normal load capacity) W 25 70
Circuit technique 2x over-excitation contactless
Rating Continuous
(variable by volume)
Over excitation time
10-80(30 at shipping) 10-80(50 at shipping)
  Time lag(ms) 1-80(20 at shipping) 1-80(50 at shipping)
Structure Steel plate, wall mounting, protective enclosure
Weight Kg 1.6 3.4
Painting color Munsell 7.5BG6/1.5